Bad Faith Reviewed on Ploughshares Blog

bad-faith_wheelerCheck out this great new review that was posted today on the Ploughshares blog!

Thanks to Denton Loving for his well-considered and spot-on review, and to Ploughshares for publishing it on their blog. (Btw, Ploughshares is currently looking to hire their regular bloggers for 2017. It’s a paid gig!)

Click on over to Ploughshares to read the whole review. Here’s a sample:

One character points out that the Romans believed whoever summoned the Furies “also ended up getting fucked over in the end.” No character in Bad Faith exemplifies that better that Aaron Kleinhardt. A series of heart-in-your-throat moments lead to a startling confrontation when Aaron becomes entangled with Amy, a young woman almost as confused and lonely as Aaron has been.

By anchoring his collection around Aaron Kleinhardt, Wheeler creates subtle connections. The stories feel linked in an understated but solid way, creating a canvas with more depth than any one short story alone could give. Wheeler’s characters are people we know. They are the people who have failed us, as well as the people we have failed. His stories are reminders that few things in this world are completely random. Not luck or grace or pain or violence. Certainly not death or karmic justice.

Happy Book Birthday: Denton Loving’s Crimes Against Birds

This is probably coming a little late, but I wanted to help celebrate the release of Denton Loving’s debut collection of poems, Crimes Against Birds.

Denton was one of the housemates at the William Skelton House during the 2012 Key West Literary Seminars. In addition to his poetry, he also co-edits the literary journal Drafthorseedited the anthology Seeking Its Own Level: an anthology of writings about water, and co-directs the Mountain Heritage Literary Festival. All that, and he lives on a farm near the Cumberland Gap. Busy guy!

Here’s what literary superstar Ron Rash has to say about Crimes Against Birds:

“Do the wonders around me exist if mine are the only eyes to see, Denton Loving asks in one of this collection’s early poems. The answer is a resounding, Yes, because Loving has the talent to convey what he has seen that we too might see, and feel, and know more deeply. Crimes Against Birds is an impressive debut by a very gifted poet.”

Congrats, Denton!