Photos from the Road: Bad Faith Book Tour ’16

The summer photo dump spectacular continues! Here are a bunch of photos from the bookstore readings I was a party to this summer while out promoting Bad Faith, my debut collection of short fiction.

On to the photos in a second, but first, thanks to all the booksellers, book buyers, and bookstores along the way for your hospitality and hard work. And a special thanks to Dave Madden, Amina Gautier, and Tyrone Jaeger, my compatriots out on the road. This was such an amazing experience and I couldn’t have found any better people to share it with.

Poster for Monsters of Short Fiction Midwest Tour ’16

Check out this rad poster Julee Dunekacke Jaeger put together for the Midwest tour I’m doing next month with Tyrone Jaeger and Dave Madden. Thanks, Julee!

And if you happen to reside along the route, please come check out the reading and say hello. (Links to more information can be found on the events page.)