solitude 5
Reading during Solitude Nacht on the steps of Castle Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany. July 5, 2014.

Wed Apr 17, 2019. 1030am.
Douglas County Historical Society.
5730 N 30th St. Omaha, Neb.

Wed Apr 24, 2019. 4pm.
Northeast Community College. (Reading with William Trowbridge.)
801 E Benjamin Ave. Norfolk, Neb.

Thu Apr 25, 2019. 2pm.
Wayne State College. (Reading with William Trowbridge, Neil Harrison, and Kevin Clouther.)
1111 Main St. Wayne, Neb.

Tue Apr 30, 2019. 6pm.
Table Talk Community Discussion.
First United Methodist Church.
7020 Cass St. Omaha, Neb.

Sun May 19, 2019. 915am.
First Central Congregational Church.
421 S 36th St. Omaha, Neb.


2 thoughts on “Events

  1. Wow, Ted, I really enjoyed your site. I teach creative Writing at UNO, and it’s fun to find so many other writers in Omaha. Congrats on the fellowship. I found you looking for info on Anna Wilson. Can you tell me who owns the picture of her brothel? I’d love to get a copy. Thanks, Margie Lukas

    1. HI, Margie. Thanks! I’m glad you like the site.

      I came across the Wilson photo through the new (maybe not open yet?) Wilson & Washburn pub downtown on their Facebook page. Here’s the link

      Hope that’s helpful.


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