Found: Schiller Monument

Back in April of this year, I wondered in this space if anyone knew the current whereabouts of the Friedrich von Schiller monument that used to be in Riverside Park. Thanks to some astute research by my Uncle Ed, it was determined that the Omaha German-American Society took possession of the statue after it was removed from the park. (An angry mob also deposited it in a ditch for the duration of World War I, before it was retrieved and replaced, and then tore down again. )

This weekend, we took the occasion of Oktoberfest at the German-American Society to confirm the location of the Schiller monument. Found!

Clara Lynne Comes Home!



We were able to bring our baby home today. She was born on Friday (8lbs, 5oz, 20.25 inches long). The delivery went pretty smoothly, both Nicole and baby did great. There was some trouble with Clara’s breathing that led to five days in the NICU, but all is well now and we’re grateful to be on familiar footing.

Photo Album: The Talmadge Sisters

The Talmadge sisters–mostly Norma, but a little bit Constance and Natalie–were the models for Evelyn Chambers, the female lead of my novel, The Uninitiated. I didn’t know much about them when I came across Norma in a pinup calendar from 1918 (pictured below) but they were really quite an interesting phenomena during the 1920s. And Norma in particular is now most famous for the fact that her star faded so quickly once talkies replaced silent film as the convention.


Family Photo Album: It’s a Girl!

Now that we’ve got the ultrasound photos, this is as good of time as any to announce that we will be welcoming an addition to the family in late March. Nicole, Maddie, and I are very excited. We’re still unsettled on a name, and I’ll take all suggestions, serious or otherwise, into consideration. So far I like Faye Bea Lynne, Nicole likes Busy, and Maddie likes Rosa (which would probably get changed to Rosalyn). Any thoughts, concerns, or salutations?

Family Photo Album: Henry Blankenfeld

Henry August Blankenfeld. My grandma Cleo’s grandpa.

Shown here at age 24.

Born: Oct 31, 1881 in Thornburg, Iowa. Died: Mar 14, 1963 in Niobrara, Nebraska. Married Mary Ellen Vaughn.  Son of Heinrich Jacob Blankenfeld (of Biechowo, West Prussia) and Maria Eigler Blankenfeld (of Rudwig, Austria). A second-generation immigrant, known for his engineering prowess.