“Attend the Way” Picked Up by Heavy Feather Review!

Cover images by David Fleck.

While Five Chapters was serializing my work last week, some good news regarding another publication came through, as “Attend the Way” was accepted by Heavy Feather Review for their themed double issue this summer!

HFR has done some cool stuff for what’s a pretty new journal. Their web design and cover art are really interesting, for one thing. I’m excited to see how the issue comes together. And their call for submissions period on the theme “Vacancies” is still open, by the way. View the call here.

“Attend the Way” is a story I’ve been working on for a while, one from a series about the “neighborhood men” I used to come across when I walked to work from 33rd & Dewey. This is the second story to feature the Kellogg Rooming House too, for all you 24th Street connoisseurs out there.

Here’s an excerpt:

Most all he has now are clothes and most of them are ratty. Olive work pants the city gives him, a bunch of tee shirts. Rodney mows grass in parks and vacant lots, around abandoned houses. He has a hot plate in his room, on a table next to his bed because he likes to cook lying down. There’s a pine closet that sticks out from the wall by the door and his twin bed is angled so he can look out the window. His girl had a TV and paid for cable. Rodney kind of misses watching what was on each night, especially in the summer after mowing was finished. He misses lying on the couch with his girl too, even though he won’t let himself miss her. Most of the time it’s more comfortable to be alone, that’s how he sees it. Rodney’s legs are hot and he doesn’t like being shut up in a room with somebody else whose legs might also be hot.

Thanks to Jason and Nathan for selecting the stories, and to everyone who helped this story along. It’s nice to have another pub to look forward to this summer. “Shame Cycle” in Gargoyle, and now “Attend the Way” in Heavy Feather Review. Prost!

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