Mehta Review Goes Live on The Iowa Review Online

Check out The Iowa Review Online this month, as my review of Rahul Mehta’s debut short story collection, Quarantine, has gone live. It’s really a very good book, and one you should check out. Here’s a little of what I had to say about it in the review:

In his convincing debut collection of short fiction, Quarantine (Harper Perennial 2011), Rahul Mehta chronicles the lives of openly gay Indian-American men, their disappointments and betrayals, and the hard-earned personal connections they come to cherish. In an intimate, confessional style, Mehta’s characters dwell on botched relationships, on their romantic, familial, and cultural failures, and on the difficulty of sharing space with another person. Most of the stories focus on Western-born children and young adults bored by Indian social and religious traditions—rich kids, overfed on pop culture, who have trouble connecting with those around them, whatever their ethnicity.

This is my ninth published review; the first that’s appeared on TIR Online.

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