Cincinnati Review 8.1 is Out!

Our accumulated vacation mail came today, and included was a box full of new issues of The Cincinnati Review! The issue features my story “The Current State of the Universe,” which won their Schiff Prize for Prose last year.

Fiction Editor Michael Griffith had this to say about the story on the TCR blog in the fall. The blog also features my explanation of where the idea for the story came from.

I wrote more about the story in this space in October too, and included an excerpt from the story.

You can buy the issue for $9 at The Cincinnati Review’s secure server here.

This is a great journal and I’m very excited to be included in its pages. We should do all we can to support it.

Finally, a special thanks to Nicola Mason, Michael Griffith, Christian Moody, and everybody at the journal for all of their help. It’s a great bunch of people, who were a real joy to work with.

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