Darren and Lacey’s DIY Honeymoon Tour

The Honeymooners

So, long-time friend Darren Keen (aka The Show is the Rainbow aka Bad Speler aka Touch People) is getting married in a couple weeks. A few weeks after their hippie wedding, Darren and his bride-to-be Lacey will embark on a ten-month, international honeymoon, wherein Darren will tour with his three bands. It’s pretty mind-blowing. The trip includes three U.S. tours, three New Zealand tours, and two European tours–all of them pretty much back-to-back-to-back-to-back…

There’s more information here, on their Facebook page.

You can also volunteer to help Darren and Lacey out on their epic trip via the link above. If you play in a band, or know a promoter, or a good venue, bar, or basement to play at, please put them in touch with Darren. (Darren has played bathrooms before; he’s very open to new ideas.) Or, if you have a couch or spare bed they could use, that’s cool too. Or, if you just want to spread the word about this, please do. This is a DIY tour, so I’m sure they can use all the help they can get.

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