More Hot Pub Action!

My nice run continues, as my short story “Kleinhardt’s Women” has been accepted for publication by Fogged Clarity!

Fogged Clarity is a mostly online journal that features work by musicians, artists, and scholars in addition to fiction and poetry. They have some pretty cool stuff–including, this month, an acoustic session with matt pond PA–and I’m very excited that my work will be included.

They also include audio files of the literary work published on the site, so you all can read along with the story when it’s published. I’ll be headed over to my friend J.J. Idt’s this week to record a performance of “Kleinhardt’s Women.” It’s been a long time since I’ve read to an audience–and even longer since J.J. has recorded me, filming zapruder fans, are you out there?–so wish me luck. It will be an interesting format for this piece especially.

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